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Vendor Submissions
We are happy to receive submissions to be considered as a vendor in the 99andco! shop. We are always looking to support up-and-coming brands. Submissions can be sent to:
Fill these Forms :
Please follow these instructions:

• the word "SUBMISSION" plus your company's name in the subject line (For example: "SUBMISSION from The Coolest Brand Ever")
• up to three low-res images of the product (if we need larger images, we will contact you for them)
• links to your website and social media accounts
• Please do not send submissions via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook

We kindly ask that all submissions adhere to these requirements as we receive a lot of requests. We will review your products and get back to you if your work is a good fit for the shop. 


Customer Service

We are here to help! If you have any questions regarding ordering, returns, or have any questions about a product please contact